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Logo Customization

At DUOEXPRESS we provide logo embroidery and printing services to customize your office uniform.

Types of Embroidery : Normal, emboss embroidery, badges embroidery, names.

Types of Print : Silkscreen, Digital, Dye Sublimation, Embossed Print, Heat Transfer,Jersey Number and Individual Name Printing, Printing Gold, Silver, Luminous, Rubberize, Glow in the Dark

Uniform Customization Services

At DUOEXPRESS we provide many types of customization to meet our client's requirement.

Customize Collar - Mock Neck,Mandarin Collar, Double Hard Collar, TC Collar & etc

Alteration of length, waist, hip, thigh to fit perfectly

Customize Cuff - Knitted Cuffs, Double Stitch, Double Sleeve

Add/Removal of trims and piping

Customize Placket - Zip,Zip with Protector, Standard 3 buttons

Add/Removal of shoulder emblem and epaulets

Customize of fabric type and color

Modification of designs and produce them according to your preference

Customize pocket and buttons styles


"Our Services include Silk Screen, Embroidery, Heat Transfer, Emboss, Hot Stamping, Epoxy, Emboss"

Fabric Construction

Most fabrics are wither plain-wave or twill-wave. Plain weaves feature miniature squares along the fabric surface and with twills, you can actually see diagonal lines. Typically, twill weaves are heavier than plain weaves.


A unicellular, natural fibre that grows in the seed pod of the cotton plant. Cool. soft, comfortable, the principal clothing fibre of the world.


The generic name for man-made fibre noted for its strenght, lightness, wrinkle-resistance, wear ability and quick-drying properties. Often used in blends, using the best characteristics of both fabrics. Widely used for jacket, sportswear, pants, overcoat & uniform.
Micro-Fibre (Dry Tech)

Man-made fibres such as polyester, nylon and acrylic which are spun finer than silk. Fabric made with micro fibre are exceptionally soft and hold their shape well. Used more and more frequently, micro fibre is the fabric of choice for many garments.

  Fabric Gram Material
1. FC Interloc 40’s Fully Interlock Cotton 200 gm/m² 100% cotton
2. 100% Cotton Single Kni 20’s Cotton Single Knit 180gm/m² 100% cotton
3. CVC Single Knit 26’s CVC Single Knit 180gm/m² 60% cotton
40% polyster
4. Lacoste Honeycomb 26’s CVC Lacoste Honeycomb 230gm/m² 60% cotton
40% polyster
5. Mirco Fiber Micro Eyeled 190gm/m² 100% polyster
6. Mirco Fiber Micro “ST” Dry Tech with Inner Brush 210gm/m² 100% polyster
7. Mirco Fiber Micro Flat Knit 180gm/m² 100% polyster
8. Mirco Fiber Micro Super Mini Waffle 160gm/m² 100% polyster
9. Mirco Fiber Micro Milk Flat Knit 150gm/m² 100% polyster

Size Chart (inches)

F1 Shirts Male

F1 Shirts Female


Collar T-Shirt Male and Female

Chef Uniform Unisex & Female


RoundNeck T-Shirt Unisex


Cargo Pants

Scrub Pants Unisex

Scrub Suit Unisex & Female

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